A Visit to the Ten Bells Pub in Whitechapel

– An Aside –

An oddly fascinating feature of Whitechapel is the continuing existence of the Ten Bells Pub; a public house well known to the murdered women in 1888 and possibly even by the murderer. Gin added so much to the social misery of the Whitechapel poor, and was a feature in many of the lives of the victims. Perhaps it is a little grim, but today a decent gin and tonic can still be enjoyed in the Ten Bells, but it is well known that the modern patrons are not great fans of Ripper enthusiasts arriving in their watering hole.

It is wonderful to see that many of the original fixtures and fittings of the building and its interior have been preserved. A walk into the back of the bar, into the stairwell, will show that the wooden stairs are exactly as they were over a century ago. The walls are also original, along with the banister. What has been changed has been kept in keeping with the original character of the building. It has a wonderful feeling of authenticity.


It is a lovely way to end one of the many Ripper Tours through Whitechapel. It is rather quite unnerving to imagine that the Ripper himself may have been familiar with this same interior. He may have walked up and down these stairs. We know that many of the working girls frequented the Ten Bells, and it is not inconceivable that the killer drank in here too.