Body of a Woman Discovered on Buck’s Row | Whitechapel, London – Friday 31 August, 1888

At about 3:45AM a carter by the name of Charles Cross discovered the apparently lifeless body of a woman on Buck’s Row (now Durward Street) whilst making his way to work at Pickford’s carriers’ yard on Broad Street from his home on Doveton Street – a five minute walk. Her skirts were pulled up over her waist exposing the lower part of her body. Cross called to another man, Robert Paul, “Come and look over here, there’s a woman.” Feeling that her face and hands are cold, Cross is of the opinion that the woman on the road is dead, but Paul can feel a faint heart beat and says, “I think she’s breathing, but it is little if she is.”

Neither of the two men wishes to be late for work and so decide to alert the first policeman that they see, and continue on to their works. In an attempt to give the woman some decency they pull down her skirts and continue on their way. At the corner of Hanbury Street and Baker’s Row (now Vallance Road) they encounter Police Constable (PC) Jonas Mizen (55H, Whitechapel Division of the London Metropolitan Police) and inform him of their discovery. Both Cross and Paul continue on to their work and PC Mizen makes his way to Buck’s Row where he encounters two other police officers at the place where the body of the woman is lying on the street.

Route from Doveton Street to Buck's Row.

Route from Doveton Street to Buck’s Row is about a six minute walk. – Charles Cross



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